• A big Dog in a small Package
Fredrik Olofsson: Live Video-Processing
Mattias Petersson: Live-Processing, Electronics
Sabine Vogel: Flutes, Live Electronics


Zufit Simon: dance

The idea behind „A Big Dog in a Small Package“ is to combine two physical sources with two virtual ones.

Starting with no prepared material the group builds up textures of sound and visuals in realtime.
Each performance is thereby unique.

The source material are the sounds of the flute and the movements of the dancer. The flautist uses mainly contemporary
techniques and also modifies the sound with live-electronics. The dancer is moving between little screens, that are hanging
from the ceiling, creating a 3 dimensional space around the musicians.
The laptop players capture these sounds and gestures and treat them, create audiovisual loops, drones, beats and textures.

„A Big Dog in a Small Package“ creates a visual sound experience – a dance performance with four equal players who act and
react with each other.

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