• no idea festival – live recordings of the 2nd no idea festival in Austin and Houston, Texas 2004

Coincident Records NI-001
Spring Garden Music #011
Ten pounds to the sound #002


CD1: Austin; May 20/21/22
CD2: Houston; May 23

Susan Alcorn – Pedal Steel Guitar
Brian Allen – Trombone
Linda Gale Aubry – Electronics, Samplers
Mike Bullock – Double Bass, Electronics
Maria Chavez – Turntables
Chris Cogburn – percussion
Dave Dove – Trombone
Tucker Dulin – Trombone, Electronics
Bryan Eubanks – Soprano saxophone, Analog Tape
Sandy Ewen – Electric Guitar
Brent Fariss – Double Bass
Juan Garcia – Double Bass
Michael Griener – percussion
Nick hennies – percussion
Holland Hopson – Electronics, Soprano Saxophone
Matt Ingalls – Clarinet
Kurt Newman – Amplified Guitar
Brian Ramisch – Percussion, Electronics
Carl Smith – Tenor Saxophone
Leif Erik Sundstrom – Percussion
Sabine Vogel – Flutes
Jack Wright – Soprano, Alto Saxophone
Kristilyn Woods - Bassoon

(…)There is an incredible Bruce Lee/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fight scene orchestrated by percussionist Michael Griener, flautist Sabine Vogel and sax man Jack Wright. You know the scene where Bruce starts popping out the paper windows to stagger the sensitive eyed center? (…)
Michael Kaufmann

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