Sabine Vogel – flutes, electronics, composition

* 1971 in Munich
1991/92 Musikleistungskurs at Gymnasium Gilching (close to Munich)
1992/93 studies at the „Jazzprojekt am Freien Musikzentrum“ in Munich
1993 – 1997 Jazz-Studies at the „Bruckner-Konservatorium“ in Linz /Austria, exam with distinction
teaching since 1993, university teaching position at the „Universität Potsdam“ since November 2005

selected projects/concerts/exhibitions:

•„phono_phono“ with Magda Mayas (piano, synth.) and Michael Renkel (acoustic guitar, electr.)
• „SCHWIMMER“ withAlessandro Bosetti(sopranosaxophon), Michael Thieke (clarinets) and Michael Griener (drums)
• „A big dog in a small package“ with Mattias Petersson (Live-Processing), Fredrik Olofsson (Live-Video), Susanne Höglin (dance)

performances, festivals a.o.:
• Intersonanzen, Potsdam (2008 „Wolfsgeheul“, a project by Alex Nowitz)
• Tastenfestival, Berlin (2007 „phono_phono“)
• Intersonanzen, Potsdam (2007 mit „Soundpainting“)
• Mettre en scènes, Rennes (2006 with the canadian dancecompany „Isabelle van Grimde /corps secrets“)
• Dresdener Tanzherbst (2006 „Isabelle van Grimde /corps secrets“)
• Tanztendenzen, Greifswald (2006 „Isabelle van Grimde / corps secrets“)
• Usedomer Musikfestival (2006 Solo and Duo with Lise-Lotte Norelius, electr.)
• Interface - Berlin (2006 Solo and Duo with Lise-Lotte Norelius, electr.)
• Free Music Festival – Antwerpen (with the Anthony Braxton 12tet, 2005)
• Intersonanzen (2005 world premiere „Venusfalle“ by Alex Nowitz)
• Ultraschall – Berlin (world premiere „Quartz“ by Shintaro Imai)
• EMS Festival – Stockholm (2004 „a big dog in a small package“ and performance of „Twilight Collider“ by Malin Bång)
• Ultima Festival – Oslo (2004 world premiere „Twilight Collider“ by Malin Bång)
• „No idea“ Festival, Austin, Texas/USA (2004 „Paddy Wack“)
• Contemporaneamente – Lodi/I, (2003
• Soundpainting Workshop and Performance with local musiciens/actors/dancers)

• 2005 „RESONANCE – Echoing throughout Stockholm“, Stockholm Live Solo – concert and following soundinstallation
• 2002 groupexhibition „EXO“ at the „Kleinert/James Arts Center“, Woodstock, NY, USA
• 2001 soundinstallation for the exhibition „landscape office“ von Catherine Callahan at the „Art Society of Kingston“ NY, USA
• Sound Design; comission; together with musicproducer JAYROPE for the „Expo 2000“

• „sieben mal solo“, schraum 7, release November 2007
• phono_phono – absinth records #14 series diametral acoustics, Berlin, 2007
• Improvised Music from japan EXTRA 2006, special issue Berlin , IMJ-308/9, 2006
• „Aus dem Fotoalbum eines Pinguins“ – Sabine Vogel, creative sources rec., Lissabon, 2006
• publishing of the piece „Snowtide“ for piccolo and electronics on the compilation „con-vipilatio“ , Madrid Con-V, 2006
• „Schwimmer – 7x4x7“, 2004 creative sources rec., Lissabon
• „No idea – Festival 2004“ – compilation of the „no idea“ festival in Austin, Texas and Houston Texas, 2004 Spring Garden Music
• „REBEKKA – Neophyte“, 2003 KKV, Oslo

scholarships and grants:
• working grant for music of the“Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Brandenburg“
• invitation by STEIM, Amsterdam, October 2007
• 2007 artist-in–residence im April 07 am EMS (Institut für elektro-akustische Musik in Schweden), Stockholm
• 2007 „Das Montaigne Projekt“ – concert by „phono_phono“ plus speaker Sven -Åke Johansson and singer Fernanda Farah, funded by INM, Initiative Neue Musik e.V., Berlin
• 2006 comission together with the swedish composer Lise-Lotte Norelius for the Usedomer Musikfestival, funded by EMS, Stockholm
• 2005 project grant by the Akademie Schloß Solitude with the Trio of the composer Héctor Moro
• 2004 4 week tournee with the trio „Paddy Wack“ (Jack Wright- saxophone, Michael Griener – drums , Sabine Vogel - flutes) funded by „Berliner Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur“
• 2003 several residencies in Stockholm, funded by „EMS“ and„Konstnärsnämnden“, Sweden
• 2000/2001 several weeks recidency at the Byrdcliff Arts Colonie, Woodstock, NY through the invitation by Walter Thompson
• 1997 invitation to the IASJ (Association of schools of Jazz) – Meeting in Siena, Italy under the direction of Dave Liebman
• 1996 scholarship for the Bud Shank Jazz- Workshop in Port Townsend/Washington, USA, funded also by the „Bayerischen Musikfond“