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Sabine Vogel: flutes, live-electronics, composition
Kathy Hinde: live- video, objects, projections onto ice

Video: ORNIS 31.7.2012 in an empty swimming pool in Bristol
Video: /... and the walls threw back echoes.../
Video: SoundingDecember

Video: ORNIS Documentation

• Duo with Chris Abrahams
Sabine Vogel - flutes
Chris Abrahams - pipe organ
optional piano

release of the CD" kopfüberwelle" 2012 at absinth records
MP3: „companions for the river journey
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• Landscape Quartet
‘Landscape Quartet’ is a team of four sound artists working on a sequence of projects with two principal aims: to investigate the creative possibilities afforded by working in direct dialogue with the natural environment

Bennett Hogg, Matthew Sansom, Stefan Östersjö & Sabine Vogel
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Assemblages is a sound-dance performance by and with Shannon Cooney and Sabine Vogel
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