Sentimental Punks

Sentimental Punk #68 – Personal Pleasures
@Kotti Shop, Adalbertstr.4,10999 Berlin 20-22 h

Magnetic Sleep
Janie Geiser´s world of glass, fabric and celluloid


Soundscape #1
Sabine Vogel
Amplified flutes & objects
— Soundscape #2
Viola Yip
Susan: modified turntable with speakers and microphones

TWO Soundtracks. ONE FILM selection
Since 2015 Sentimental Punk presents its research on structural & avant-garde female filmmakers and invites 2 Sound Artists to create soundscapes for the presented works.
This 11.11 it is an honor to present a special cut of Jeannie Geyser’s masterpiece Series Magnetic Sleep and a further honor to invite Sabine Vogel & Viola Yip to create live soundscapes for the last Spunk of the year.
The Sentimental Punk.Personal Pleasures 2023 Series is funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM).