Upcoming Dates


15. Jun:
15.06.20243 Klima, Klang, Transformation concert lecture TONLOCH -  Paretzer Erdlöcher - artistc work in, with and for nature @ University Potsdam 12.30 h registration required

16. Jun:
16.06.2024 Klanglandschaften To the earth premiere of Taking and Giving for Ceramic Flute also performances and works by Hanna Hartmann, Robin Schulkowsky, Alex Nowitz, Meinrad Kneer, Eva Zöllner, Unterer Reklamationsbehörde Mühlenbeck 14 h

29. Jun:
29.06.2024 Dorotheenhof-Fest(ival) Hörparcours III - "Dorotheenhof seit 1807" by Mela Meierhans Leslie Leon (voice), Michael Metzler (percussion) & Sabine Vogel: flutes & objects Solo Dorotheenhof 1, 15518 Steinhöfel, OT Arensdorf registration until 24.06.24 dorotheenhof@dorotheenhof1.de

07. Jul:

07.07.2024 PARETZER FIELD MUSIC  15.00 h take your bikes and picnic baskets and join us for an afternoon full music, nature and sound SPLITTER ORCHESTER goes countryside
where:  next to garden center CAROMATISCH: Paretz-Hofer-Str.48, 14669 Ketzin / Paretz from there, follow the signs funded by