• an image of complex structures
Bandcamp May 2023
Udo Schindler: bass & contrabass clarinets, soprano saxophone 
Sabine Vogel: flutes

• colored shadows
Bandcamp May 2023
Udo Schindler: bass & contrabass clarinets, soprano saxophone 
Sabine Vogel: flutes
Johannes Öllinger: guitar

isolated – connected

Bogong dam
Bandcamp April 2020

Daniel Lercher (electronics) & Sabine Vogel (flutes)
recordings from inside the hydrodam in Bogong Village in 2015 (AUS)

isolated – connected

online release isolated – connected,
Bandcamp (April 2020)
we cannot travel – music can
All started with a solo by myself, which I sent to Michael Thieke, who played along it and sent off his track and so on.
This project was running from March 25th 2020 until March 25th 2021 and over the year isolated . connected was traveling to 19 different people in 15 different cities, 10 different countries and 4 different continents.

Inner Mongolia

online release Inner Mongolia,
Ignaz Schick & Sabine Vogel, Zarek, (2020)

The Pitch – Splitter Orchestra

CD release: Frozen Orchestra, The Pitch – Splitter Orchestra,
microton RUS, (2018)

Splitter Orchester & George Lewis

CD release: Creative Construction Set™ by George Lewis Splitter Orchester & George Lewis, microton RUS, (2016)

Splitter Orchester //Felix Kubin

Split-LP „Shine On You Crazy Diagram“,
Splitter Orchester //Felix Kubin, Gagarin Records, D, (2016)

The Wire Tapper 42

The Wire Tapper 42:
Compilation CD, One track with Splitter Orchester (2016 )

Female Soloists in Berlin Vol.3

online release: Female Soloists in Berlin Vol.3
solos by Andrea Neumann, Sabine Vogel, Julie Rousse, Liz Albee, CoCo, Heidrun Schramm, Antje Vowinckel Audition records (2014)


• Berlin Series No.4 split Disc,
1. ‚luv’ by sabine Vogel – composed with material from solo work and some duo recordings with Bennett Hogg within Landscape Quartet

2.’kopfüberwelle – live’
Chris Abrahams – pipe organ, Sabine Vogel – flutes Improvisation recorded live at the NOWnow festival 2012 at the Paddington Church, Sydney
release: Another Timbre (2014)

CD Cover Kopfüberwelle

• kopfüberwelle
Sabine Vogel: flutes
Chris Abrahams: pipe organ

absinth records
release date: September 2012
absinth records

Raumfluchten CD Cover

• raumfluchten

Sabine Vogel: flutes, stones
Jamie Drouin: modular synthesizer, radio
infrequency editions
release date July 2012

CD Cover Echtzeitmusik


3 CD Sampler der Echtzeitmusik-Szene
release date: Juli 2012

Sieben Mal Solo CD Cover

• sieben mal solo

release date November 11, 2007
schraum 07, Berlin

Phono Phono CD Cover

• phono_phono

release date April 15, 2007
absinth records #14, serie diametral acoustics,

Improvised Music from Japan CD Cover

• Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2006
Special Berlin Issue

Improvised Music from Japan, IMJ-308/9

Fotoalbum eines Pinguins CD Cover

• Sabine Vogel: Aus dem Fotoalbum eines Pinguins – part1&2

cs 073 cd creative sources recordings, Lissabon 2006
flute, electronic,fieldrecordings

Con-Vipilation CD Cover

• con-vipilation

CNV33 2006 – Conv net.lab
release date: 26.Aug.2006

CD Cover Solo CD

• Sabine Vogel: Aus dem Fotoalbum eines Pinguins – Folge 1

flute and electronic
CD-R, 2004

Schwimmer CD Cover


CS 013, Creative Sources 2004
Alessandro Bosetti: sopran saxophone
Michael Griener: drums
Michael Thieke: clarinet, alto-clarinet
Sabine Vogel: flutes

CD Cover No Idea Festival

• no idea festival – live recordings of the 2nd no idea festival in Austin and Houston, Texas 2004

Coincident Records NI-001
Spring Garden Music #011
Ten pounds to the sound #002

Releases as a guestmusicien and studioflautist:
Rebekka (Neophyte), LLava (high and rising), ochosa (Greatest Hits), Sonic Slacker Collective (instant reflections) The Assdroids, diverse radioplays and music for movies (e.g. for Klaus Roggors severalTATORT movies)