Emilio Gordoa & Sabine Vogel

percussion & flute – outside & inside

Sabine Vogel and Emilio Gordoa have played together on and off for many years in various lineups with different musicians. Since 2019 they have been playing together as a duo. In doing so, they explore the similarities and differences of their instruments and set ups. Gordoa blows on his vibraphone, plays small pipes, Vogel uses singing bowls, bells and uses a small tambourine to modulate the sound of the flute. Both are interested in working with video as well. During the Corona Lockdowns, they worked outside with a setting of different microphones and several video cameras.

Their new work SONIC RELOCATIONS was premiered on October 20th 2023 at KM 28 in Berlin. With the kind support of i.n.m. – initiative neue Musikerin, Berlin


Sabine Vogel (flutes)
Emilio Gordoa (amplified branches, cymbal)

This film is an experimental audio-visual work recorded in Paretz, Ketzin 2021
by Sabine Vogel and Emilio Gordoa and with the assistance of Lena Czerniawska
and the support of the Musikfonds e.V.

Glass Mountain Shadow

Sabine Vogel – Flutes, Live Electronic
Emilio Gordoa – Organ, Glass, Electronics.
Note: for best sound results, use headphones or a full-range sound system.
This work was composed as an spectral and narative piece in three parts and premiered at the Evangelische Stadtkirche Moers, 2019

Kindly supported by Moers Festival, -Improviser in Residence- 2019