(vormals Hatifnatten)

Sabine Vogel: flutes, objects
Ute Wassermann: voice, bird whistles, objects

Breathing, singing, whistling, Picking up sounds, modulating them, transforming them, letting them wander through the space. In their duo “Hatifnatten” the two musicians explore the similarities of their instrumentarium: the flute, probably the instrument closest to the voice, is played by Sabine Vogel and often sonically extended by singing, whispering and various mouth percussion sounds.
Ute Wassermann, on the other hand, uses various kinds of whistles, probably the simplest and most original form of the flute, to mask and extend her polyphonic singing. The result is a hybrid vocal instrument with iridescent, swirling, trilling, shrilling, breathy, singing timbres.
Both musicians complement their instrumentarium with various tube-like instruments, mini-percussion, small electronic modules, and a selection of international variants of the flute family (wooden flutes, clay, bamboo, bone whistles).
Since 2019 Hatifnatten explore ceramic objects and their manifold sounds hidden under the water surface.

2022: SCHWEBETEILCHEN November 20th @Acker Stadt Palast. funded by INM Berlin


2020 Der Geist in den Wassern

2021: Pfiff Performance on top of the roof of the Academy of the Arts, Berlin. Festival Memories in Music

2021 Pfiff